Secrets Of True Happiness In Marriage [Book]


Turn Your Marriage Into Heaven On Earth, Even If It Has Been Hell Before Now…

Are you tired of always fighting and quarreling in your marriage?
Are you wishing you never went into marriage?
Do you regret the day you said 'I DO'?
Are you enduring your marriage rather than enjoying it?
How would you like to see your marriage become as peaceful as you've never imagined?
How exciting would it be to know that all you needed to make your marriage work is just a click away?


In this Book ….

You will discover all the secrets that will make your marriage more enjoyable than you've ever imagined in just 48Hours.
You will realize that as important as money may be, it is not really a major factor in determining how successful your marriage will be. You'll also see how not to exalt money above your joy and happiness in marriage.
You will discover how to create the realities of your marriage by working it out from the unseen to the seen. Most of the experiences we have in life are just manifestation of how we perceive the unseen.



Other Topics Covered include …

The Rules

The truth is that there are rules that guide marriage. Discover foundational secrets that hold every marriage together. Get to know what these rules are and how we can easily align with them in order to enjoy our marriage.

Friends and Relatives

Relating with friends and relatives is a major source of frictions in most marriages. Many have had bad experiencriages. Many have had bad experiences with in-laws, etc. However relating with friends and relatives are part of who we are as a people and so is something we must learn to do right. In this book, you will be guided on how to make the most of these relationships no matter how much a source of pain they have been.

The Sex Factor

This is an unspoken cause of many divorces and even sickness among married couples. This book will exposed couples. This book will expose to you the subtle but destructive ways this happens. You’ll learn how not to let it work against you but rather for you in making your marriage work.




Surprises also play a major role in causing problems in marriages. Surprises maybe in the form of changes in spouses attitude, temperament, expectations, drop or increase in income. This book will arm you with adequate and practical knowledge to ensure you can handle these surprises if they do spring up in your marriage.

You may have lost the affection of your partner for reasons you cannot tell. You may even have tried your best and done all that you could to win back his/her affection, but nothing seems to be working. Now it looks like there is no hope of ever being happy in that marriage anymore and you are feeling very frustrated about everything.

What of the fire setting monster of infidelity? This  has also wreaked havoc to the heart of many. For some women it has been so heart breaking to know that your husband whom you love so dearly is having an affair with someone outside. Sometimes when he comes in late at nights, you even will perceive strange perfumes or lipstick stains on his clothes and when you ask questions, it leads to hot arguments or quarrels. It should be noted that there are also women who are involved in this also.

It is important to say here that this book is not based on fiction or mere imaginations. It was written based on real life experiences. It is practical. It guarantees your marriage stays successful.


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