Partake of God’s All Round Blessings and Miracles Today.

Become a partner and experience the Joy, peace and fulfillment of being part of God’s Love Agenda.


Be part of spreading the Message of God’s Love faster, efficiently and to many more people through the media by becoming a Partner of   the POWER OF LOVE BROADCAST and other programs. Many have received Salvation through Jesus Christ, Many have been healed and delivered of all manner of demonic oppressions.  Joy, Happiness and fulfillment have been restored to so  many lives. Testimonies of the impact of this program are mind blowing indeed.

For details on how you can be part of this you can call: 234 08033094353 or Send us an E- mail:


You can be part of the  SAY NO TO HATE PROJECT. This is  aimed at eradicating the disease called hate from our society. Hate has not benefited any body  neither  the seemingly powerful nor the weak.  Rather it has brought so much insecurity  even to  the hitherto seemingly safe places. Hatred is wasteful, expensive and destructive. Hatred holds nothing good for anyone be it individual, family, community or nation. The disease of hate has caused more death and destruction than most epidemics.  Our World can be a better place. Find out how you can become part of this. Contact us today.


Join  the REAL PEOPLE OUTREACH. Through this outreach we have been able to reach out to those segments of the society that many seem to have forgotten. The truth is that because this segment  feels unloved and neglected, they have become the breeding ground even at very young ages for all kinds of violent crimes unleashed on the society.

This is an opportunity whereby anyone by partnering with us can indirectly adopt one of these young people growing up without any real family; none to care, guide, none to restrict, none to provide for them,  etc.. Through us God is becoming Father to many of such and He wants to keep on with this wonderful work through you and me. By reaching out to this segment and helping set them on the right path and make them live a meaningful life, you could indirectly be saving someone who could have become a victim of their vicious vices. Who knows who it could be!

It is indeed rewarding to be part of  Gods’ Love Agenda. Together we can make our world a safer place, a place we can all find peace, Joy and Live Happier and More fulfilling Lives. This is Indeed Possible. Let’s join hands to make lives and living beautiful for all

For further information contact us on +234 08033084353

or Send us an email to;

Bank Account Information:
Account Name: Love Walk Assembly
Bank: KeyStone Bank
Account No: 1000995402

Choose to Love. Show love to someone today. Let’s start out in our little worlds.

Choose to forgive. Refuse to sow seeds of hatred and bitterness. Refuse to join in embezzling funds meant for public good. It is making life difficult for many. Teach your Children to love and show them love too.  Love your spouse.  Have it in your heart to help a needy person and do it. Yes that’s it. Express it any way you can. It’s in your heart. Let’s make our world Beautiful for all. Let’s do the Love Walk.

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