About Us

Love Walk Assembly is a Ministry Commissioned by God to take the Message of His love to all the Nations of the World, making lives and living beautiful for all.me-ooh

This we have began to do through various means including Spiritually impactful Church meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Out reach programs to different segments of the Society, Plans are also in place to set up special educational Institutions, etc.

The fact that wickedness abounds in the world is so obvious. We are set to put a stop to this destructive agenda of Hell. This is God’s agenda. Man can not experience any true fulfillment no matter how hard he tries, outside of the Arena of the love of God in Christ Jesus. What do we need to do? The good news is that the situation is not hopeless.

God has mandated us to take the message of His love to all the nations of the world. Because of the way things are in the world today many think this is an impossible mission but I want to assure you it is not.

We are already seeing results in the little effort already put in and we know that together we can do a lot more. Amen

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