Forces Working against marital destinies subdued

It is obvious that what looked like a spell in my family lineage has been broken by God who is at work in LWA. I give God all the glory. Many of my older female relatives have been experiencing unexplainable disappointments regarding getting married. Any time someone proposes and it was as if something would come out of it, one thing or the other would happen that would shatter everything.

When my husband came and proposed to me, knowing what has been the experience of others and having been taught how to exercise spiritual authority over negative forces, I knew I had to take charge. I also had to apply the required wisdom in ensuring that some people remained unaware of certain details concerning the plans.

To the glory of God mine went full course and the wedding has taken place. My older female relatives have been asking me, ‘’how did this happen?’’ I have been bold to tell everyone that it was no other but God at work in this church.
Sister I.

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