7 powerful ways to break free from an addiction

Are you suffering from an addiction? Has it caused you so much pain, shame and embarrassment? Do you want to break free from it and live the beautiful life that God has purposed for you? In this post we are going to cover 7 powerful ways you can break free from any addiction.

Addiction can be said to be an intense craving for something, having little or no control over its use, continuous indulgence in it despite its consequences. Addiction can come in different forms which include drugs, gambling, tobacco, alcohol, pornography or lying

So without much ado, here are seven powerful ways to break free from any addiction:

1. Make up your mind and have a strong determination to stop that addiction

You would only be deceiving yourself if you are not determined enough to break an addiction. Addiction is a stronghold, and it takes adequate determination and discipline to break free from it.

2. Think of all the possible negative effects your addiction can have on your life

For some people addiction has caused them cancer, heart diseases, mental disorders or other form of illnesses. For some others it makes them spend excessively in other to satisfy their addiction, while for others it has caused them shame, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, loss of friends or relationships, or other emotional issues.

3. Identify the triggers

There are many things that can trigger this craving in a person. Identifying your own triggers can help you overcome your own addictions. For someone who is addicted to smoking and alcohol, it might be friends. There could be some friends who when they come around you, arouse the urge to drink and smoke. For some others it could be emotions like anger, depression, stress, excitement, frustration etc.

4. Think of how better your life would become without those addictions

Think of how much money you would save, how happier you would become, how healthier you would become, how you would save yourself from emotional traumas, how you could reconnect with your friends and build better relationships, how you would generally become a better person.

5. Start cutting down gradually

Gradually stopping a habit can be sometimes more effective than trying to stop it at once especially when it has to do with a food kind of addiction. Be true to yourself and reduce your indulgence in the addictive act. Ensure that each day, each week or each month you should only indulge in it less than you did the previous day, week or month. It’s your health, your life and no one is going to live it better than you can do.

But, if your addiction has to do with pornography or drug abuse, you have to make a strong determination to stop it. Trying to stop such addiction gradually is self-deception. You cannot take a gradual approach to this because each time you indulge in it, your craving for it increases even more. Although sometimes you might get tempted and fall into it again, but don't get discouraged, keep trying and eventually you are going to come out victorious.

Here’s a quick story of a young man who wanted to break his addiction to pornography. He had a strong determination to break free from it and he prayed and asked God to help him. One of the most important steps he took was to destroy all his CDs that contained pornography. This way, even when the craving came, he could not watch because the CDs have been destroyed.

6. Pray to God and ask him to help you

On your own you can do nothing but with God nothing is impossible. Go to God daily in prayer and ask for his divine help and with a strong determination you can break any addiction.

7. Seek help

Get further assistance, being accountable to someone increases your chances of breaking free from that addiction. We are here to help you on every step of the way. If you need advice, prayer or counseling, send us an email at lovewalkassemby@gmail.com. We have testimonies of how God’s supernatural power has rescued people from the trap of addiction and we can assure you that God will do it again in your life.

That you are reading this article now might be the answer to your prayer. God is using us through this article to come to your aid. If you have tried all that you can and still need further help, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. God will miraculously bring an end to that addiction.

Taking the 7 steps listed above can improve your life tremendously towards breaking free from an addiction. Remember to let us know how this post has helped you in the comments section. If you know any other ways of breaking an addiction, we would like to hear them in the comments sections.

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