All Power Belongs to God

Why are people inclined to see every manifestation of power in Christianity as maybe having its source from the devil.
Does it mean that God does not have power anymore or that the devil is now more powerful than God?  Any time someone  manifests  an unusual  dimension of the miraculous,  the next thing you will start hearing is how he went to such and such a place to ‘collect’ power.
What do you think is the source of this  propaganda?
You See,  the devil is a deceiver and very subtle at it. He is the one who makes people to view any outstanding demonstration of power in Christiandom with so much suspicion and then attribute it to him.
There are two major things he achieves by this his strategy.
1. He wants people to perceive Christianity and Christ  as powerless.
 2.He wants to make people have the impression that God can not help them.
This has a lot of  implications.
Firstly, it makes people  easily decide for him if for any reason they need supernatural interventions in their lives because they  believe that is where they  can get solution.
Secondly, people  now engage in the worship of God as mere religion without the power dimension and as such no expectation. When this becomes the case,  it does not take time for any such religion to become a dead one.
Thirdly, people cannot now be helped by God because they cannot have faith in him or the people He sends to us as ministers through whom he works.
You see all these help the devil systematically accomplish his agenda. It’s important for us to begin to change the atitude where we are quick to  ascribe what God is doing to the devil. Whenever we do this, we are simply doing publicity  work for him without knowing it.
The truth of the matter is that all power belongs to God. After Jesus rose from the dead he said, ‘all power has been given unto me’. Someone said humorously,  “Could it  be that what people mean when they say someone went to ‘collect’ power from the devil is in the sense  that they went and took back what the devil stole?”
It is important that we stop ascribing God’s power and manifestations to the Devil. God works  extraordinary miracles and is still doing so till now.
Let us learn to look up to him to work miracles in our lives today. Let us expect him to intervene in any seeming impossible situation in our life. Let us believe him for healing for any health condition which the doctors may have done their best and have no answer for.
I pray that every situation contrary to God’s best for our lives submit to his mighty power now in Jesus name.
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