The New Commandment

The Reason for this New Commandment of Love.

God knew that wickedness would abound and so gave us this new kind of love and put it himself in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.   Note that this new kind of love could neither be practiced nor accessed by man before Jesus came. This Love was revealed by God only in and through Christ Jesus. The Love that Jesus Christ Brought is the Solution we all need.

This Love is the cure for terrorism, communal clashes, wars, kidnappings, armed robbery etc.

The core reasons behind all these are hate, selfish ambition, revenge etc; You can imagine how many lives that have been lost through all these kinds of violence let’s just say in the past five years. You can imagine how many men, women and children that have been displaced and suffering untold hardships that could have been avoided.

The truth is that our world will get worse if we refuse to embrace this kind of love. This ugliness affects everyone one way or the other. We may think it is not happening close to us but who knows for how long that would be if we refuse to do anything.

The amount of money spent on weapons and weapons research and manufacture can go a long way in solving the world’s poverty and hunger problem.

This Love is the Cure for Corruption:

Corruption is the main reason for so much suffering and poor infrastructure in the third world nations. It is the reason for bad roads that make movement from place to place a night mare, wreck people’s cars and make them spend the little money they have on car maintenance. Bad roads are also the reason for most accidents on the highways.

Corruption is the reason for poor educational system and perpetual strikes where students unnecessarily waste extra years in school with all the attendant financial pressure on parents and sponsors.

Corruption is one of the major reasons for lack of jobs and the many unemployed roaming the streets. Let’s take for example, if there is constant power supply a lot of people will find things to do no matter how lazy they are. And why is there no steady power supply? The reason is very obvious.

Corruption is the reason for poorly equipped and run hospitals.

Now let us bear in mind that the main fuel driving corruption is selfishness and greed and these will find no place in a heart ruled by this love.

This Love is the cure for Criminality and Insecurity:

Let us look at these; Kidnapping, armed robbery, terrorism,   ritual murder, assassinations etc, no one with the love of God in him or her can subject another to the trauma of any of these just for money. This kind of love is not wicked.

This Love is the Cure for Marriage Problems:

When this kind of love is lacking in any marriage the result is unhappiness, lack of peace, divorces, often times children and young people who are either not taken care of or brought up well and grow up to unleash their frustration on the society through various vices.

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