How to Receive Answers to Stubborn and Long Standing Issues of Concern in Life

Sometimes there are issues in life that we do not want but they seem to resist every attempt to deal with them. They may have to do with our Families and relationships, Finances, Marriage, Businesses or Careers, a Sickness, etc.

What can we do to handle them? These will work the miracle.

Be sure that God is your father. God is the creator of all but he is not Father to all. Making him your Father guarantees his commitment to your all round wellbeing. This happens when you receive Jesus and make him Lord of your life. John 1:14, Matt 6:24-26.

Decide today to stop accepting ‘that nonsense’ of the devil. You should convince yourself and settle it in your heart now that as a child of God the devil is not permitted to keep you in bondage. Get violent in your spirit today and let him know that enough is enough. Matt 11:12, Isaiah 52:2

Overcome every feeling of hopelessness. Refuse to worry or be anxious anymore no matter how long or how bad the situation may seem. Nothing is impossible with God and He is the specialist of all situations. Jer 17:7, Phil 4:6, Jer 32:27.

Deal with unforgiveness in your heart. Make up your mind to forgive any person you have anything against. Forgive yourself also of anything you did that makes you feel that you do not deserve God’s answers. Mark 11:24-26

Pray Correctly. Fight the temptation to pray hateful prayers. Talk to the Father based on his word concerning the issue of concern and be sensitive to receive any Instructions he may give. 1 John 5:14-1

You may need to engage in the right Fasting. Matt 17:21. This is not because any demonic force or agent is so powerful but for your own spiritual positioning. Not all fasting is effective. As a matter of fact the wrong fasting may make the issue worse. You may reach us if you need a copy of The guide to right fasting.

Speak to that Issue in faith. You may have spoken about the issue long enough; it’s time to speak to it. Now with authority address that issue and command an end to its activities in your life. Mk 11:23. Do so now! That is it.


Now live free. God has made you free. Share your testimony, remain thankful, praiseful and live it.

In conclusion, sometimes we still need the help of human spiritual vessels or agents of change and deliverance God maybe sending to us per time. Recognize it and access it. Remember the widow of Zarephta? 1kings 17, Remember the Shunamite woman? 2 Kings 4 & 8. Many even missed out on the Miracles of Jesus. Mk 6:1-6


You won’t miss yours. I believe that is why you are reading this article now.

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