Untimely death through Accident averted

I was traveling one day in a commercial vehicle when it was laid in my spirit to start praying. I closed my eyes and obeyed. Almost immediately I started hearing shouting and screaming from the other passengers. When I opened my eyes the vehicle was already deep inside the bush.

I asked what happened and everyone looked at me with surprise. They asked me whether I was not with them there. I told them that I was praying and one of them said, ‘’maybe it is your prayer that saved us. He told me that the car had suddenly started swerving and swerving uncontrollably then headed for the bush.

Everything the vehicle could have smashed into was miraculously avoided until it came to a stop. It was at this point that the driver opened up to us that he worked all through the night before and did not sleep at all.

So all the while we were on that trip he was sleeping most of the time while the car has been so to speak driving itself. I really want to thank God for sparing my life because it was more serious than you can imagine.
Bro. U.

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