What You didn’t Know About Making Excuses

The tendency to always excuse our mistakes or faults and blame it on someone or something else is not a God – nature.

That nature was introduced into man through his interaction with the devil in Eden against God’s instruction, Gen 3:1-13. That nature never allows anyone fulfill his or her God given destiny.

Now you know its source, always resist that tendency. If you need to know more about the origin of some of these destructive influences that have wrecked havoc in the lives of many without their knowledge and how to deal with them, the book; UNDERSTANDING AND DEALING WITH DEMONIC SIGNATURES will be of great help to you. To get your copy of this e-book click >> https://goo.gl/hV8Y33

As you refuse to make excuses and begin to take responsibility for the things that have to do with your life in line with the word of God, your life will begin to radiate God’s goodness in Jesus name.

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