Why must we work?

 There are so many things the bible teaches outside of prayer. One of such is work. As a matter of fact it was one of the first concepts introduced to man in Genesis. Being spiritual is not about praying alone. The fact is that God who is spirit worked.Genesis 2:2-3. So in that sense you can say that work is spiritual.
Many think that man works  because of the curse that came by reason of sin in Eden. That is not true. It is toiling without results that came about by reason of the fall and curse.
God himself worked and had to rest on the seventh day. God intended for man to work at the beginning.Gen 2:5. He also gave man work to do after creation. Genesis 2:15.
God showed us in  creation that work is the process through which we can bring our visions, dreams and desires into material form. It is the set of activities we need to engage in to accomplish our goal. It is the process by which God expects us to productively manage the earth which he has handed over to man.
For work to be right work and not busy body it must be among other things, need meeting, problem solving, result oriented.
It is the work of our hands he blesses. Pslam 1:1-3. As a matter of fact, the bible says that idleness will make a person poor. Proverbs 10:4, Prov 21:25. God even said that he can not guarantee food for someone who is not working.2Thess 3:10. Work is what creates our reward system on earth.
I pray the blessing of God upon the works of your hand. I pray that no one reading this will ever labour in vain in the name of Jesus. For any one that desire a job, God is opening a door for you now in Jesus name
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