Living safe in an unsafe word

BK-1-211x300-211x300The world is getting very hostile and wickedness seems to be thriving. People are abducted everyday. There are shootings and bomb explosions on the streets, supermarkets, markets, airport, schools, etc. Planes are crashed without regard to the passengers.

All these acts are meant to cause destruction and pain, institutionalize hatred and enthrone the reign of fear. The other reason is to make it seem as if God cannot protect people anymore. But I want to say that God never intended for people to be victims of these acts.

How can we connect to and activate supernatural protection and safety so as to no longer be victims?

In this piece I want us to share certain things that can help us remain safe no matter how unsafe the world gets. Jesus said in Matthew 10:17, Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

1.We need to get born again and remain conscious of our new life in Christ. When you get born again, we are born again spirit beings. So now we should be more conscious of our being spirits that live in bodies of flesh than just seeing ourselves as more of who we are in the flesh. Living always in this consciousness is key to being exempted. You know many times we see ourselves saying we are ordinary human beings, we need to stop that. Do not say it does not matter.

2.We must learn to be led by the spirit. The spirit realm controls the physical so before anything happens here it is already known there. If we are led by the spirit we would always be led aright.

3.We must learn to command our day. Exercise the authority you have over the day and natural events. Never surrender your day to the whims of nature. Never be in the habit of saying things like, “whatever the day brings”. Please note that as a person of the spirit both living and so called non-living things hear you. God never meant for the issues of his children to be determined by the movement of stars and other heavenly bodies. The fact is that even if nature’s position is not favorable to the world at the time you can command their movement.

4.Participate in your community. You were put in there for a purpose. Let your presence be felt. Do not think that what goes on there does not concern you as many believers do.

5.Learn how to mobilize the Angels of God. Be conscious of their presence and know how to activate their ministry anytime. Learn to recognize their appearances.

6.You must know how to put the flesh in a position where it can dematerialize when need be. You need to realize that it is possible to dematerialize your body. Your body can be made invisible. Knowing how to position yourself for this to work is very vital.


This writing is an excerpt from the book; LIVING SAFE IN AN UNSAFE WORLD – How to avoid being a victim of any fatal attacks of the forces of wickedness in the form of accidents, plane crashes, terror attacks, etc.

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