Connecting to Supernatural Increase

Increase could mean different things. But one sure thing is that it means addition, multiplication, enlargement etc. Almost all the people who encountered God in the bible experienced it! It came in the way of having children for the Barren as in the case of the Shunamite woman, Sarah etc.

It came as divine marriage connection for people like Ruth. Remember, regardless of all that happened to her she said, your God will be my God, I am not going away and she got her Boaz after all.

It came as wealth and prosperity for people like Abraham.

It came as promotion even under difficult bosses, difficult work environment for Daniel and Joseph.

Now let’s just take a look at the case of Daniel and Joseph. How did their increase come? There are few things to note.

1.They were planted in God! Planted means rooted, unshakable, immovable no matter the circumstance.

  1. It was evident that they loved God not just for what he could do for them but for who He is.
  2. They refused to let go of God regardless all the trials and temptations the enemy brought to pressure them to disconnect. Remember even the seemingly exciting offers of the devil are traps that would lead to chaos no matter how attractive they look on the outside.
  3. They knew that their problem was not coming from God and that they had an enemy to resist and the only way to successfully resist this enemy and cause him to flee is to submit to God totally.

Let’s make that choice today to stick with God. In Him and with Him we can never lose and increase is assured in what ever area we need it in Jesus name.

Remember when God brought Supernatural increase to the house of the widow by the mouth of the prophet who instructed her to go borrow vessels and begin to pour out of the little oil in the jar, the oil never stopped flowing till there was no other vessel in her house. That means the flow did not stop because there was nothing more in the source but it was the woman’s capacity to contain that determined the flow. Be ready. We excitedly wait to hear your testimonies

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